“It seemed like a nice neighborhood to have bad habits in,” wrote Raymond Chandler in the classic detective novel The Big Sleep. Chandler wasn’t talking about the art world specifically, but the sentiment captures some of its well-heeled, occasionally unscrupulous dealings.

Right now now, there’s the mounting world-wide search for art dealer Inigo Philbrick, whose laundry list of alleged crimes include selling a work he didn’t own to multiple collectors, holding $14 million dollars of art hostage, and then seeming to disappear. But that’s nothing new under the crooked sun of art scamming. …


Image Public Domain

After a year of online innovation sparked by the pandemic, the industry looks very different.

“Imagine a world where you could not fly around the globe anymore. How would you conduct business?

The pandemic thrust the still-analog art world farther into the virtual realm than it had ever been-or expected to be.

As with any kind of evolution, natural selection has been kinder to some segments of the industry than others. For example Art fairs have suffered dearly-and a rocky vaccine rollout pushed their return in 2021. …

Messier 87

Messier87© Artist.Fred Friedrich. Technique. Mix Technique in canvas. Measure: 480x200cm. W.V. 07/06/2018. Provenance. Museo Fred Friedrich

April 10, 2019 through the so-called Event Horizon Telescope (EHT), belongs a network group of 8 telescopes, thanks to an algorithm generated by a team from the Laboratory of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Katie Bouman at that time was 23 years old when she collaborated in the development of the algorithm which made it possible to convert the collected data into a coherent image.

Finally Bouman designed most of this algorithm, called Continuous High-resolution Image Reconstruction using Patch prior, CHIRP, for short, and she and her team tested its efficiency before using…

Tiempos Recios.

Mario Vargas Llosas

Mario Vargas Llosas/ Image Public Domain.

Muchas gracias por acerca te a leer mi Blog otorgando me la oportunidad de comentar a un Premio Nobel Vargas Llosas, no es fácil.

El comienzo de esta descripción, en pocos minutos me parece es una cuesta muy empinada, debido al gigante de la literatura, es complicado, mas no imposible.

Intentare ser breve, concisa y precisa sobretodo para no aburrir.

Marqués de Vargas Llosa peruano finalmente español es considerado uno de los mas importantes novelistas y ensayistas contemporáneos, no deseo enlistar el sin número de premios que cuelgan en su solapa, eso lo podéis hacer…

El Final del Affaire

Recorrido en el Affaire

El Final del Affaire

El libro gira en torno de la religión, del drama de creer o no, de la fe en un Dios o una imagen de Él y más aún en un drama del catolicismo.

Como dice Mario Vargas Llosa en su epilogo, ( para mi humilde entender, que el mismísimo, Vargas Llosa sea quien otorgue parte de su tiempo a Greene hay que quitarnos el sombrero): anota así:

Una historia no tiene ni principio ni fin…”

Sera una frase que nos recuerde a muchas historias que hemos leído, escuchado o repetido. Ésta por…

Rex Whistler’s mural The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats (1927) was painted for Tate Britain’s restaurant

Tate Britain is expected to permanently close its restaurant because of a controversy over an historic artwork created nearly a century ago. Rex Whistler’s mural The Expedition in Pursuit of Rare Meats, which was painted specifically for the restaurant in 1927, has recently been criticised because of its portrayal of non-Europeans.

Moya Greene, until last month a Tate trustee and chair of its Ethics Committee, reported back to the gallery’s board. She told fellow trustees that committee members were “unequivocal in their view that the imagery of the work is offensive”. …

How Anne Brigman, Imogen Cunningham, Berenice Abbott, Dorothea Lange and Ilse Bing forged path for others to follow in Pictorism, documentary and avant-garde photography ill-starred with works.

The firts half of the 20th century was. time of extraordinary change in the field of photography, By 1940, the Museum of Modern Art had established the first department of photography in an American museum, reseting the importance of the art form in the eyes of the world.

The names of many male photographers have been written into the history of the period as important drivers of change. But the women who worked…

Need-to-Inform. Face mask 1918, what happen onces

In the middle of a devastating global pandemic. a few thousands people gathered in San Francisco to protest against measures meant to slow the spread of the virus. Many of the protesters at the meeting claimed the measures were trampling on their constitutional rights, while a few others argued that the measures weren´t working anyway. The group called itself the Anti-Mask League, and its story blends right into today´s news- but it took place in January 1919, when the virus sweeping through San Francisco and the rest of the world was influenza.

The Firts Wave And The War Effort


You need to know the best way to start a therapy.

What is a therapy?

I do not know.

I must go to a consultant?

No, you don not, it is not necessary a doctor.

So I do not understand you, for a therapy we need always a doctor, a hospital, nurses, medicaments.

Yes. I know it, but in this case it is not necessary, only you can need is to go inside pages, letters, ideas, phrases, concepts, meanings. A great compilation of philosophies where Human-being could talk, learn, teach an support each other.

It is just a joke a riddle a puzzle.

No, you must follow your intuition…your “will” and then you will have a a Therapy.

Nely Friedrich

Founder Museo Fred Friedrich, Fred Friedrich Foundation, writer, humanist, philosopher, art critic, art collector.

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